Branding, Packaging, Consumer

KettleWorx is a breakthrough six-week at home kettlebell body transformation workout program that combines core, cardio, and resistance training all into short 20 minute workouts. Based on the workouts Ryan Shanahan uses on his celebrity clients, these workouts will change your body 20 minutes at a time when done 3x per week for 6 weeks.

Consisting of a 13 dvd set, divided into 4 sub sets, I developed a colour scheme and design strategy that was to be applied to everything from the dvd covers to discs, to dvd menus and packaging. The idea was to differentiate but also unify the dvds through colour and form. As an end result, the design is colourful, visually eye catching, and stands out from the competition.

Included with each DVD set, is the Fat Free in 42 Days (FF42) ebook, an eating guide to compliment the KettleWorx workouts. The contents of FF42 required a layout that would make it easy for the user to follow, which was achieved by using several images to visually illustrate points and by organizing the information in a logical and simple manner.

While maintaining consistency in the design, a stationery set and business cards were also designed for company correspondence.

Art Direction, Design, Typography, Illustration, Page Layout


kettleworx box packaging

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